The Rock Pocket

This short follows Jordan, an indie guitar player who, in an attempt to create a demo album, decides to sell stock in herself (literally) to her fans. The demo album is picked up and her profits rise, as does the value of her stock. But as her fans sell their stock off for a profit, Jordan does the same, and she faces losing primary shareholdership in herself.

I wrote, directed, and edited The Rock Pocket in the winter and spring of 2006 as my senior thesis project for Swarthmore College. Ariana Nash starred. Special thanks to Evan Variano for his inspiration, Anna Belc for her support and superb gaffing abilities, and Alexander Kieft for his handiwork with the camera. "Hold On" was written by  for The Rock Pocket, and was performed by Jeff Mao (keyboard, background vocals), Ben Saller (bass), and Karen Zaino (drums).

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