The Call

Sonia has worked so hard for this: a healthy family and a normal life in an average American town. But on a night that should have been like any other, she is forced to make an impossible choice that could shatter her family's dreams forever. Keep your daughter safe -- or keep your family together? What call would you make?


I wrote the screenplay for this film, which is the centerpiece of Breakthrough's #ImHere campaign for immigrant women's rights. Click here to stand up for immigrants and to learn more.


Sonia - Zuleyma Guevara
Raf - Raul Castillo
Teresa - Yadira Guevara-Prip
Tony - Ray J. Rodriguez
Simi - Samantha Emily Mozes

Produced by Breakthrough (
Production company: People's Television (

Executive producer: Mallika Dutt
Executive producer: Andres Cortes
Producer: Nicholas Bruckman
Producer: Ishita Srivastava
Producer: Bridgit Antoinette Evans

Director: McGraw Wolfman
Writer: Dana Variano
Cinematographer: Logan Roos
Assistant Director: Andrew Fishman
Casting director: Pat Golden
Art Direction - Matthew Kern
AC/Gaffer - Shane O'Hara
Sound design: Kurt Pierce
Original music: Gingger Shankar
Wardrobe coordinator: Marcela Ruiz
Hair and makeup: Celina Santory

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