• Action-focused web implementation
  • Communications strategy & analytics
  • Video production, editing, and dissemination
  • Video games for change
  • Growth-oriented social media strategy


Swarthmore College

Double Major in Film & Media Studies and History

NYU: Tisch School of the Arts BBC Program     

Study Abroad program culminating in an internship at the British Broadcasting Corporation.

BBC Training and Development Courses


Training Producer, NationBuilder

Produced films, multimedia projects, and other interactive training experiences for NationBuilder, the world's first community organizing system. Developed, implemented, and managed webinar production schedule for 150+ employees.

Communications Strategist, Breakthrough

Managed social media and communications for pop culture non-profit focused on human rights. Graphic design, website development & maintenance, community mobilization, program development.

Grantee: First National Endowment of the Arts grant for Video Game concept

Online Content Manager, Urban Homesteading Assistance Board

Webmaster, manager and producer of all communications- print, video, photo, & web- for 35-year old housing non-profit.

Creative Director, PhilanthroMedia

Wrote, directed, edited, and managed creative content for new media company working with nonprofits and foundations. Developed and implement social media and web 2.0 strategies for webpages, conferences, and special events. Managed and built web infrastructure and content.

Independent Contractor, The College Board

Edited professional development videos of live classroom shoots.

Teacher/Director, Cornell University Cooperative Extension

Directed, shot, and edited documentary and educational projects for the Youth Bureau of Orange County and the Relatives as Parents Program. Taught youth how to shoot and produce a video project.

National Winner: National Extension Assoc. for Family and Consumer Sciences 2006 Award for Digital Project.

Intern, Court TV’s Catherine Crier Live, Texas SWAT

Shadowed producers and conducted research for live news program and docudrama Texas SWAT.

Intern, Highway 61

Assisted with production, research, and planning for a small commercial production company.

Production Crew, Community/College Theatre

Assistant Stage Management, Lighting Design/Operation, Set Design, Audio Design/Operation.

Researcher, BBC’s Lest We Forget: Churchill

Scouted locations, contacted guests, researched stills and archive footage for a thirty-minute documentary in the Specialist Factual department.

Disc Jockey, WSRN 91.5

Wrote, produced, and hosted live comedy talk show weekly.


Director, Screenwriter, DP, Editor:

    • Trace Elements
    • The Rock Pocket
    • Triptych
    • Deport the Statue

Editor & Videographer:

    • Checkpoint Nation
    • Deserted


    • The Call
    • Be That Guy


PC, Macintosh, Final Cut Pro, Final Draft, iWeb, Adobe Photoshop, NationBuilder, BlueHost, Drupal, Constant Contact, ProTools, DVD Studio Pro, Motion, Microsoft Office, WordPress (.com & .org), TypePad, Movable Type, Fetch, SnapZ Pro, SharePoint, Concordance, ReadyTalk, html proficient, Philips LDK 100 (DVC pro) camera, Sony VX-2100 camcorder, Yamaha DM-1000 mixer, 16-mm projection equipment.


  • Social Media Week Panelist-- "GAME/WORLD: The New Collaborative Community." 2/17/12
  • NYU Wagner IPSA Conference. Revolution: People, Politics and Change Panelist-- "Social Media and Social Change." 4/13/12
  • NYU SCPS Master of Science in Global Affairs Class Speaker -- "Women’s Rights as Human Rights: The Impact of Transnational Networks on Violence against Women." 7/19/12
  • NYU SCPS Master of Science in Global Affairs Class Speaker -- "Women’s Rights as Human Rights: The Impact of Transnational Networks on Violence against Women." 2/13/13
  • United Nations Commission on the Status of Women Consultation Day Speaker-- "The Power of Social Media." 3/3/13
  • Super 8 Club

    $10.00 one-time

    Access to unlimited video streaming and downloads of the complete organizing strategy library.

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