Deport the Statue

Deport the Statue of Liberty? Crazy, right?

Well, yes.

But you know what’s really crazy?

Deporting millions of human beings who have lived and worked in the U.S. for years and call this country their home. And that is what’s been happening for years under U.S. immigration policy.


Today, we have the chance -- and the power -- to change that. That's why Breakthrough had to get extra-creative. 
We created the red herring "LegalsPAC,"  the Legals for the Preservation of American Culture, a group focused on deporting the statue of liberty due to her immigration status.  Led by fictional CEO Harvey Knowles Brier, our humorous spoof universe stretched from fake twitter accounts to websites to email threads. The fictional world was created solely to help build a larger and louder groundswell than ever around immigration in the U.S.

And so far, it's been working. We've been featured in the Huffington Post, and had a spot on Wolf Blitzer's Situation Room on CNN that was rebroadcast across the country by over 40 news channels.

Today, we have the opportunity to #TakeLibertyBack -- to build an America that values the freedom, dignity, and humanity of all the women, men, and children who live here.

As seen on CNN's The Situation Room.

act now: what you can do today.

1. Watch and share the Deport the Statue of Liberty video.

2. Click here to tweet this message: We need humane #immigration reform that protects & includes immigrant women: #TakeLibertyBack #DeporttheStatue

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4. Tell your Senators to protect the path to citizenship

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