Be That Guy

#BeThatGuy means be the guy who speaks up and out when he sees violence against women -- even in its tiniest everyday forms -- taking place. What that guy finds when he speaks up is that he is not alone or uncool; he is back-slapped and high-fived for saying what other guys were thinking but did not say.

#BeThatGuy alerts men and young men to their stake and role in making violence against women unacceptable. It asks them to not be silent bystanders, but rather to speak up and take action when they witness others participating in or condoning violence and discrimination against women.

The message of #BeThatGuy first emerged in an animated PSA to run 72 times at the NASCAR Miami Speedway Championship, November 15-17, 2013. #BeThatGuy represents Breakthrough's commitment -- as in its global Ring the Bell campaign -- to inspiring men and women around the world to take action to make violence against women unacceptable.

Animated by Arthur Metcalf
Produced by Dana Variano


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