Hey! Dana Variano here, founder of Where's My Sled? Productions. I'm a writer, a videographer, a director, a video editor, a website designer, and an ultimate frisbee fanatic. Born in a one-room schoolhouse outside of Ithaca, NY, I've spent most of my life videotaping the world in an effort to advance issues of social change, and un-box the boxes that are held up by rulemakers around the world. Recently, I've added social media strategy, games for change, and design into the mix.

I live in Los Angeles, CA, where I work with the LA County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) as a Communications and Creative Consultant. On the side, I design and implement mission-based communication projects and websites. I have a over 10 years of experience working with non-profits and foundations ranging from GuideStar to The Ford Foundation to The College Board. I'm committed to helping clients produce innovative and impactful media projects that can cut through the white noise of the internet.

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    Be That Guy

    #BeThatGuy means be the guy who speaks up and out when he sees violence against women -- even in its tiniest everyday forms -- taking place. What that guy finds when he speaks up is that he is not alone or uncool; he is back-slapped and high-fived for saying what other guys were thinking but did not say.

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    Deport the Statue

    Deport the Statue of Liberty? Crazy, right?

    Well, yes.

    But you know what’s really crazy?

    Deporting millions of human beings who have lived and worked in the U.S. for years and call this country their home. And that is what’s been happening for years under U.S. immigration policy.


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    The Call

    Sonia has worked so hard for this: a healthy family and a normal life in an average American town. But on a night that should have been like any other, she is forced to make an impossible choice that could shatter her family's dreams forever. Keep your daughter safe -- or keep your family together? What call would you make?


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    Checkpoint Nation

    It was the first time I had experienced the overwhelming size of the desert sky. The sunset was magnificent, and the endless stretch of cacti and desert rocks were lit up with the last pink moments of twilight. But the sunset’s beauty was overpowered by what I had seen earlier in the week in Arizona: men and women in shackles (feet chained to waist, waist chained to wrists), a morgue filled twice-over with John & Jane Does, a wall that divides families and ancient lands. From this view, the sunset had a whole different meaning: it marked the beginning of one more cold, waterless night for so many migrants forced to hide in the militarized desert. It is August 2011 and I've just returned from Tucson, where Ishita Srivastava (part of Breakthrough’s media team) and I were part of the National Border Justice and Solidarity Delegation. Made up of a group of organizers from DRUM (Desis Rising Up and Moving), Vamos Unidos, and Coalicion de Derechos Humanos, the delegation spent five days learning about the struggles of migrants and people of color in Arizona, first-hand. Ishita and I filmed the delegation for a documentary to be released on the tenth anniversary of September 11th.

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